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Trust, AI & Asimov’s 3 Laws of Robotics

September 2023 On the road in Singapore with the Global Listening Project, Ben checks in with Heidi Larson and Leesa Lin as they share the first top-line results from the Project’s 70-country societal preparedness index with the Center For Trusted Internet & Community at the National University of Singapore. No subject is out of bounds […]
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“Make We Talk” – Hopes and Dreams for Nigeria’s Young Women

October 2023 In a feature-length episode, Y-Isha Raphael meets three young women from Lagos, Nigeria who reflect on their hopes and dreams – and how society’s social norms help – and hinder – them in achieving their goals. They explore everything from HIV to family planning, careers – and whether, when they have teenage kids […]
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Women Deliver Conference 2023

July 2023 The Global Listening Project’s Y-Isha Raphael is a Women Deliver Young Leader and is in Kigali, Rwanda, for this week’s Women Deliver Conference 2023 – the first since the COVID pandemic.
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Uganda’s New Anti-LGBT Law, Human Rights and Access to Health

May 2023 With recently passed anti-LGBT legislation in Uganda, The Global Listening Project’s Ben Plumley and Co-Host Eric Goosby discuss what role global health diplomacy could play in upholding human rights and ensuring that essential HIV-related services reach those most in need – especially LGBT communities. And we answer your questions, second episode in.
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The Twende Out in Nairobi – with the Global Listening Project

April 2023 In the aftermath of COVID lockdowns, how have health, career and life opportunities changed for Kenyan teenage girls & young women? ”Twende (let’s go) Out” with Heidi Larson’s Global Listening Project in Nairobi to understand how changing social norms are helping – and hindering the country’s post-COVID generation of young people. 
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Science or Politics: The inner workings of global health diplomacy, with special guest Anthony Fauci

March 2023 In the series premiere of “Global Health Diplomats”, Eric Goosby and Global Listening Project Managing Director Ben Plumley explore the continuing saga of the origins of SARS CoV2 and the role of global health diplomacy in fostering international collaboration in fighting pandemics threats – and who better to discuss this with than our […]
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