Explore resources from our partners and other listening initiatives reflecting on and documenting the global COVID-19 experience.

This young (COVID) life: Growing up in a time of crisis

UNICEF, 2023

The pandemic brought tumultous changes for children and young people, impacting their daily lives, their social spaces, their relationships and their inner worlds. UNICEF’S latest project collects the words, drawings and photos of more than 1,000 children in six countries to explore their experiences of, their opinions about and their reactions to the pandemic.

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Memorialising COVID-19

Danielle Ofri, 2023

Danielle Ofri, MD, PhD, is one of the foremost voices in the medical world today, shining an unflinching light on the realities of healthcare and speaking passionately about the doctor-patient relationship. This essay reflects on how to memorialise COVID-19.

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The NYC Covid-19 Oral History, Narrative, and Memory Project

Incite / Columbia University, 2023

The COVID-19 pandemic is the gravest infectious disease crisis the United States has faced since the Influenza pandemic of 1918, and we fear that it will not be the last. Starting in March 2020, a team of sociologists, oral historians, and anthropologists at Incite and the Oral History Archives at Columbia began building an archive documenting New York City’s experience of the pandemic. Our archive focuses on New York—a city of neighbourhoods—to illuminate and document the social structure of the pandemic.

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