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Building societal cohesion as a key element of preparedness for future crises.

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The Global Listening Project is a new initiative dedicated to using active listening and dialogue to drive understanding of what it takes to build resilient societies and prepare for crises.

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Our 70 country data provides useful insights into understanding how public trust in governments and health policies has been affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. This is the first data set of this size to capture comprehensive information about the experience during COVID-19, future outlook, and sense of preparedness for future emergencies. The tool supports analysis by gender, age, religion, and geography.

"Public trust is absolutely key to global health security, without trust skepticism, mis- and disinformation flourish, undermining societies’ abilities to prepare and respond to crises. When trust increases, individuals are more likely to cooperate with governments and institutions, and with each other.”

 Professor Heidi Larson, Co-Founder and Chair, Global Listening Project

Enhancing crisis readiness by building trust.

As the world transitions to post COVID-19 recovery, it also faces new threats - from climate disruption to conflict, and new and existing pandemics. The need to build public trust & collaboration for crisis preparedness becomes urgent.
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Societal Preparedness Index

The Societal Preparedness Index maps and measures key elements of preparedness— including willingness to cooperation, capacity to organize, and ability to cope – to be able to respond to future crises, whether disease outbreaks or pandemics, natural disasters or conflicts.

Other research projects

As part of our ongoing work to deepen our understanding of the core drivers of societal preparedness, we are conducting further research into different core domains such as trust in technology, mental health and gender social norms.

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The Global Listening Project is home to A Shot In The Arm Podcast and The Global Health Diplomats podcast, both produced by GLP Managing Director Ben Plumley.

Trust, AI & Asimov’s 3 Laws of Robotics

September 2023 On the road in Singapore with the Global Listening Project, Ben checks in with Heidi Larson and Leesa Lin as they share the first top-line results from the Project’s 70-country societal preparedness index with the Center For Trusted Internet & Community at the National University of Singapore. No subject is out of bounds […]

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“Make We Talk” – Hopes and Dreams for Nigeria’s Young Women

October 2023 In a feature-length episode, Y-Isha Raphael meets three young women from Lagos, Nigeria who reflect on their hopes and dreams – and how society’s social norms help – and hinder – them in achieving their goals. They explore everything from HIV to family planning, careers – and whether, when they have teenage kids […]

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Women Deliver Conference 2023

July 2023 The Global Listening Project’s Y-Isha Raphael is a Women Deliver Young Leader and is in Kigali, Rwanda, for this week’s Women Deliver Conference 2023 – the first since the COVID pandemic.

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Understanding and Addressing Misinformation About Science

July 2023 The workshop featured a series of presentations – including from Global Listening Project Co-Founder Prof. Heidi J Larson – on the nature, mechanisms, and differential impacts of misinformation about science.

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